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Just took a quick look at it (new website)on my cell phone. Looks very cool Shawn! www.werockyouroll.com

Mike W. ~ Fargo-Moorhead Custom & Collision
As a non-profit, resources are often tight. Working with Simple Website Creations led by Shawn made this affordable plus easy on our staff resources. Shawn was patient, really got to know our business and worked to create a site that told a story for those who are not in a position to tell it. We have had so many compliments as well as comments on how concise the content is. The site tells the story the second a user clicks on it. Thank you Simple Website Creations! www.churches-united.org

Babs ~ Churches United For The Homeless
Shawn worked with our office to create a simple yet thorough web design for our business. Before working with Simple Website Creations we owned our own domain but didn't have anything on said space. Now, we have a simple, clean and to the point website. www.asind.com

Jeff ~ Appraisal Services, Inc.
Thanks and it looks very good. Appreciate all you do Shawn. (Re: Social Media Posts)

Kumar ~ RKAK
I will say the initial blast seems to be working. We've had 3 different customers call in today to setup shipping to get their meters in. So far so good! (Re: Email Campaign Services & Management)

Jason ~ UAS Service Corp.
Shawn and his team have created and delivered a great product for my business. It has been a pleasure to have a team that cares to deliver a superior product in the time frame given at a very fair price. www.duaneshouseofpizza.com

Steve ~ Duane's House Of Pizza
LOOKS GREAT! Thanks so much!! (Re: Social Media Campaign)

Danielle ~ Country Travel
I see we are getting some nice view numbers. Plus a few people have commented to me in person they like the look. (Re: Social Media Marketing & Engagement Services)

Russ B. ~ Edward Jones
Thank you for your immediate assistance!!! You are amazing and I am recommending everyone to you! www.ffe-fcu.org

Emily T. ~ FFE Federal Credit Union
As always, they (the pictures)look great! I love comparing these to the expired listing pics. You make me look good. Thank you. (Re: MLS Photos)

Beau Shroyer ~ EXp Realty
Hi Shawn!! The website looks AMAZING!! I looked over it last night but really went through it today! But it's beautiful and I really honestly love it! Thanks so much again! www.jjacksonpainting.com

Mandy ~ JJ's Painting
The advertisement worked out perfectly and I have sent it to the people who needed it for an advertisement we are doing. (RE: Published Advertising Design)

Linda ~ TitleMark, LLC
The video is great! Thanks again! You are a life saver! RE: Special Project ~ Video Production

Gail H. ~ Moorhead, MN
I've worked with Simple Website Creations and Shawn for 3 years. He did a website revamp to make it mobile responsive. Shawn is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and efficient. ~ www.tamaracbayresort.com

Denise ~ Tamarac Bay Resort
Shawn Hagen designed and built our website several years ago. It's visually appealing and easy to navigate. We are happy with the quality of the site and the reasonable cost, too. www.sunsetmemorialfargo.com

Phyllis ~ Sunset Memorial Gard.
We love our new website. Paulette and Shawn were so helpful and responsive. Paulette's pictures are amazing and really brought our product to life! www.valleyhardwoodsupply.com

Janet ~ Valley Hardwood Supply
Thanks Shawn! Happy to pay! The lobby shots are GREAT! RE: Commercial Photography

Jill H. ~ D&M Industries
I saw the AWESOME Beaches Resort post on today. Loved the post! RE: Social Media Marketing & Engagement Services

Danielle ~ Country Travel-Bismarck
They are here and look good! Thanks,Danielle (Re: Business Cards)

Danielle ~ Country Travel
You are amazing! That social media stuff looks GREAT!!!

Rachel ~ Rogen Realty
Thanks for your prompt response , looks great! www.jicstick.com

Jason ~ JIC Stick
I am finally getting to this and I just want to tell you how fabulous I think it is. Re: Online Home Virtual Tour

Cat Y. ~ Realtor
Looks really good thank you! www.bitscustomcabinets.com

Kami ~ Bits Custom Cabinets
Thank you...I'm very happy with the new site! www.atchcos.com

Dean ~ Atchison Companies
Just wanted to let you know I have viewed the website and I think it looks good. www.gocountrytravel.com

Danielle ~ Country Travel
IT looks really good so far! I LOVE the BUY NOW red tag you have on the side like that. It really stands out! www.jicstick.com

Jason ~ JIC Stick
Thank you so much for your work, Shawn! Many have complimented me on the website. www.staceyasp.com

Stacey ~ Stacey Asp Liturgical Art & Design
Looks great Shawn! Thanks for making Dig Em Inc. look good! www.digemnd.com

Shyla ~ Dig Em Inc.
Website looks awesome. Thanks again. www.ptlhomeinspections.com

Shawn ~ Plains To Lakes Home Inspections
Paulette, Your photography is STUNNING!! I would like to talk to you about being our exclusive photographer for all of our listings going forward.

Katherine ~ Aspire Realty
The website looks great! Thanks, Wendy www.thepinkbus.net

Wendy ~ The Pink Bus Mystery Trips
Very good Shawn thanks for all your help! Everything looks really good! perfect! www.werockyouroll.com

Mike ~ FM Custom & Collision
Thank you for all of your work this year, we have gotten amazing feedback on how great the website is this year. www.kcprowest.net

Alanna ~ KC Pro West Snowmobile Club
The website looks great! www.mpmfargo.com

Terri ~ Modern Property Management
Love the site! www.ezpuck.com

Paul ~ EZ Puck
Yes -I'm very happy with the site!! www.modetravelagency.com

Katie ~ Mode Travel Agency
We really like the website and all your great touches, etc. It is a website to be proud of, that's for sure. www.tamaracbayresort.com

Susan ~ Tamarac Bay Resort
Looks great Shawn! Exactly what I wanted. Please send an invoice, and the final proof. Thanks! RE: Rack Card Design

Jason ~ UAS Service
Shawn, Thank you very much that is very nice of you for doing that for me. It looks great and I think it will definitely be all we need for the time being.Thanks www.migratorvalleyoutfitters

Shane ~ Migrator Valley Outfitters
You ROCK!!! Your my unsung hero!!! www.glyndonmn.com

Denise ~ City Of Glyndon, MN


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