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19 Nov, 2020

Perception of Your Brand!

It is really hard to stick-out from your competitors in the Fargo-Moorhead and Detroit Lakes markets. You might offer many of the same services and products as they do. So what can you do to make sure that when someone is looking for a product or service that you can provide, that you get the business instead of your competitor?

In a perfect world, that would be a really easy question to answer, but unfortunately it isn’t that easy. Your competition is also probably looking for ways to take business away from you. 

Here at Simple Website Creations we pride ourselves on doing some of the “simple” things in marketing really well that could help you stick out and get that piece of business.

  • Get a great logo that represents your company. Have it professionally designed using your company color schemes.
  • Utilize that logo, feel, and look in any marketing you do. Make sure your business cards, website, promo materials, and any additional advertising you use has incorporated your Brand Scheme into it. This includes your Social Media.
  • Utilize any FREE opportunities such as your Google Business Listing to be able to place posts to tell about your business and it’s products and services. Quite often you can use the same posts in other forms of social media as well. Don’t be afraid to cross utilize your marketing materials.
  • Try to have some fun with your marketing. In most cases, potential clients are going to know what you do, but the key is to get them interested in finding out more about your services and products.

If you need help getting your business “branded” and noticed, give Simple Website Creations a call at 701-371-1724 today to get started. Remember that “Simple is Better!”


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