Simple Website Creations likes doing digital marketing business with our locals.

08 Apr, 2021

The age of COVID-19 has brought about an awareness about how important our local customers are to us at Simple Website Creations. In the past, we may have taken our client relationships for granted. We always new that people in the Midwest really appreciate the ability to do business locally, even when it came to having a website built, or doing any type of digital marketing. But COVID really changed things this past year!

Much like many things in life, sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose it. Not being able to work with clients in person due to COVID restrictions took away a great deal of fun for us. Certainly, it affected many of our client’s pocketbooks, but it also affected the great opportunities of getting to know a new client, shake their hand, and look them in the eye.

For the last year, almost all our client communications were over the phone or via email. We were unable to meet with clients in person for business reviews, marketing planning, content management training, or even just for a client lunch. We really missed that part of what we did. We like people and want to spend time with them, but COVID made that difficult.

As we work towards an end to COVID, we realize that things may never be back to what it was, but we will take what we can get! We really appreciate our local customers and look forward to interacting with them again.  

Simple Website Creations is available to do business and we are happy to visit your office, meet for coffee somewhere, or even do lunch.  You are certainly invited to meet with us in our Dilworth Office on Hwy 10 as well. Just give us a call at 701-371-1724 today to schedule something or Contact Us. Remember that “Simple is Better!

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