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26 Feb, 2021

A goal in building a new business website is to make sure that we utilize a structured planning process before we even start the build of the website. We know that having an efficient, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing website is important for your business. So, we want to make sure we have all the “bases” covered so that your finalized website lives up to the perception and effectiveness you desire in your new website.

When we speak to potential website clients, we try to find out more about them and their business. We want to know what the focus of their website should be. We may ask them what their main “money maker” is, as well as try to find out who their daily clientele will be. We try to create a website that reflects their company’s abilities, products, intentions, personality, etc. 

Website Details

Once we have a feel for what needs to be accomplished with a new website, we start working on the details. There are many questions that we work thru to get the best answers. What pages do we need to be able to effectively tell the story of the business? What special widgets or sections do we want to enhance the website? How do we make the most use of the “website space” to get the best information to the client in the least number of clicks? What info needs to be highlighted in the website to draw the attention of the web guests and to get them to “Act”? These are just some points of information we gather in the planning phase of the website development.

Simple Website Creations knows that each website has a unique set of goals and methods to best tell the story for our website clients. When you have us plan and build your website for you, we will make sure that a good plan is in place for website success! Check Out some of our websites today.

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