Blog about business survival during COVID-19 written by Simple Website Creations.

14 Dec, 2020

What a year it has been. I think that many of you, to include all of us at Simple Website Creations are happy to see “2020” pass. We have all seen our share of shutdowns, news conferences, illnesses, business loss, and of course personal loss. There is no doubt that you most likely have struggled “at least some” in the last 10 months.

Throughout this pandemic, we have been in touch with our clients, and potential clients hearing their stories and how they are trying to adjust their business models to meet the needs of their own clients. 

We have clients that are in the restaurant business and many of them have had to completely alter how they do business. Not only have they had to change how they do business, but they have in many cases had to adapt to constant changes such as having in-house dining closed, then opened, then closed again. Some of them have become really good at providing “take-out” services to keep the cash-flow going. There is extra expense in providing all this take-out food and for those who have much of their profit coming from add-on sales such as adult beverages, desserts, extra sides, and increased orders, well they have had to adjust. That is a double whammy of higher costs and less revenue. Let’s also remember all those service workers who depend on gratuities, they have also taken a huge hit.

We also take care of numerous housing contractors. In discussions with many of them, there have been increases in the cost of supplies, as well as the decrease in availability. Many constuction companies are dependent on other sub-contractors to keep projects moving. But in many cases, due to COVID outbreaks among workers, projects have been slowed down. Despite all these challenges, they continue to move forward to take care of their clients. 

These are just two industries of the numerous industries we provide digital marketing services and solutions. All these industries have had their own challenges as a result of COVID-19, and we are amazed at how well they have risen to the challenge of continuing. Here in the Fargo, Moorhead, and Detroit Lakes markets, we have sensational work ethic and follow-thru, so perhaps we aren’t as amazed as we are encouraged by the ability and stubbornness to succeed as these businesses show daily.

Here at Simple Website Creations, we are so proud of the tenacious follow-thru, passion to complete, and business pride that our clients continue to show. Their commitment to keep moving forward, even with great amounts of adversity is truly commendable. 

Simple Website Creations continues to work with our clients to help them thru these challenges. We really want to simplify your life by providing good digital marketing direction, marketing advice, and digital solutions in the Fargo-Moorhead area and beyond.! 

If you are looking for website, social media management, logo design, real estate photography, or other digital marketing services give Simple Website Creations a call at 701-371-1724 today to get started or CONTACT US today. Remember that “Simple is Better!”


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