Do you have a Google Business Profile

27 Oct, 2022

I had a friend who always use to say, “If it is FREE, it is for Me!”  I always liked that saying and have used that saying many times over the years. I had another friend who would say “I can’t afford not to!” When it comes to your Google Business Profile (Previously called Google My Business), both sayings apply.  

Not only is your Google Business Profile Free, but it is also valuable.  If you have not set-up your business profile thru Google Business Profile, then you may be losing out on some good business opportunities. 

It is Easy and Get In Front of Customers

In most cases setting it up is quite simple and the process is intuitive and walks you right thru completing all the necessary items to build a qualified business profile. You will put in your business name, address, phone number, services, service areas, business description, hours of operations, logo, business pictures, and you can even post special offers, features and more. So, you need to get started on this process. Sooner rather than later.

By creating your Google Business Profile, your business will have more chances for potential customers who are looking for your products and/or services to find you. They may find you thru standard Google Search, Google Maps, and more. When searching for you, your Google Business Profile will give pertinent information about your business location, hours of operation, and the services and products that you sell. 

One of the big reasons to make sure you have Google Business Profile is because it also includes Google Reviews. Customers will have the opportunity to review their experience with your company and will be able to give honest reviews of your service and products. Don’t be anxious that you may get a less than desirable review. Most customers understand that you aren’t always going to get Five Star reviews. It is encouraged that whether you get a positive, negative, or neutral review, you should respond/reply to that review in a friendly and professional manner. Even on a negative review, a good response/reply that shows you care and that you empathize with the customer giving the review, can have a positive impact on those who view that review!

If it seems overwhelming to get setup, never fear. Simple Website Creations has helped many of our clients get their Google Business Profile setup correctly and to help add value to their business. We encourage our clients to feel comfortable in asking for help from us. Remember that Google Business Profile… “If it is FREE, it is for YOU” and “You can’t afford not to!”

It is easy; just give Simple Website Creations a call at 218-297-1500 (Ext. 1) or Contact Us today to get started!


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