Our society is dependent on their mobile phones, so this makes a mobile compatible website a necessity for your business.

16 Apr, 2021

Oh my gosh! My phone isn’t working. The screen keeps going black and it flickers when I finally push the right button to get it working again.  Of course, then it quits working again! I wonder if I can get ahold of my mobile service provider to figure out why this is happening? Is it still under warranty? 

If you have ever had this or something similar happen to your mobile phone, then you know that these are the type of thoughts that go thru your head. To many of us, our mobile phone is an important part of our daily existence. Quite a few of us utilize our phones to run our business. The Simple Website Creations staff utilize a phone provided to operate their part of the business. When the phone goes down, many things come to a halt. Whether business or our own personal lives.

The mobile phone is very important to most of us. Many people will turn around and drive back home if they somehow left the house without it. Some people can’t even feel comfortable going to the grocery store and back without having their phone with them. How many of you "Google" any question that is asked of you, even when you are just sitting around having cocktails with friends? It is a little sad for all of us that we have come to this point.

Regardless, with phones being this important to so many, having your website built dynamically so that it looks good and operates well on any device is important. We live in the age where so much communication is done with this device, and it is so useful, that your website better be mobile compatible

Simple Website Creations knows this, and we build client websites that are built to be dynamic. We want your website to function at a high level, both on standard PC’s as well as tablets, and mobile devices.

If your website isn’t built dynamically, maybe it is time for you to give Simple Website Creations a call at 701-371-1724 to find out about having a dynamic website built for your company or CONTACT US today. If you don’t, your business could suffer. We look forward to taking care of you.

Because… “Simple is Better!”


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