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Why do you need a mobile compatible website?

  • If you don't have a mobile compatible website, Google may "punish" you.  As you know, websites aren't viewed only on standard computer monitors or laptops anymore.  Google realizes that a high percentage of web browsers are now using alternative devices such as smartphones and tablets. To get the best results for the Google viewers, they tend to place "mobile compatible" websites higher on the search results.
  • Your customers expect it! If they view your non-mobile compatible website on their smartphone and the website looks distorted, small or doesn't function correctly, then they may just leave and you will not have a chance of capturing their business.
  • Your mobile website, just like your "Regular" website is a representation of your business.  Customers make many decisions based off their perception of your business and if they think your business is dated or not customer friendly, then they will look elsewhere.

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